Forthcoming Meetings

2nd September
Please note change of talk
“Early Radio Astronomy - the First Two Decades”
Speaker: Stewart Argo, SIGMA

Stewart will look at some of the people involved in early radio astronomy and some of the discoveries they made using quite low-budget though not always simple equipment.

7th October
“Planetary Nebula”

Speaker: Maarten de Vries, Highlands Astronomical Society
Planetary nebulae are the stunningly beautiful remnants of stars although their appearance and peculiar spectra have long puzzled astronomers.

Maarten will explain how these objects are formed, what they are made off and what processes take place in them, as well as suggestions on how to observe them.

The full programme for 2016 can be found here

All club members can also attend the meetings by the Highlands Astronomical Society (HAS).

Future meetings:

Not a Member?  Why not come along as the first meeting's free so you can 'try before you buy'.

Not sure where we meet? Follow this link to Birnie Village Hall where we meet, with doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Image(s) of the Moment:

Perseid Meteor

by club member Alan Tough
This was the best Perseid meteor I captured during the week. Well okay, it was the only one! The image was taken from Hopeman Beach at just after midnight on Wednesday (10 August) morning.

There was also a weak aurora visible (first of the season) and, earlier, some faint Noctilucent Clouds (last of the season).

Click image for larger view.

Perseid Meteor

More images from club members can be seen at the gallery.

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