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Please note the programme change for July.

Friday 5th June 2015 – SOAKE and AGM.

We have decided to combine the SOAKE and AGM for a number of reasons. To avoid food wastage I should be grateful if members could advise me ( whether they will be attending the SOAKE by no later than Monday 1st June? We will make sure we have a little extra food but if you don’t advise then it will be a case of pot-luck. AGM details are below but one of the reasons for the change is to clear the way for a change of date, venue and talk for July as per the outline details below.

Tuesday 14th July 2015 - Inaugural Prof George Fraser Memorial Lecture at Gordonstoun – 'Mars – A Family Perspective' by David and Bryn.

There are many facets to this lecture. David worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Curiosity programme, and the talk is based on the family’s experience of switching to Mars time to coordinate with David’s working ‘day’. The umbrella is hopefully the start of an annual lecture in memory of Prof. George Fraser, a leading scientist born in Burghead who was involved in many space programmes including the UK’s Mars Beagle programme, but is less well-known in Moray. The location for the inaugural lecture will be the Chapel at Gordonstoun, it will be open to the public with doors at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start, it will feature additional activities such as Bill Graham’s ‘Mars Rover’, solar telescopes and also members’ astronomical telescopes.

All club members can also attend the meetings by the Highlands Astronomical Society (HAS).

Future meetings:

Not a Member?  Why not come along as the first meeting's free so you can 'try before you buy'.

Not sure where we meet? Follow this link to Birnie Village Hall where we meet, with doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Image(s) of the Moment:

TOTALITY AT 28,000 FEET - Alan Tough

Alan took an eclipse flight from Glasgow on the 20th March and succeeded in capturing an image of totality at 28,000 feet (from somewhere over the Faroes).

2015 Solar eclipse

(A larger version of this can be seen here).


Comet C/2014 Q2 (LOVEJOY) - Alan Tough

Taken on the 20th December from the Siding Spring Observatory.
Alan's description:

Another image from Oz of this marvellous comet. As well as a single, well-defined ion tail now, there are a number of shorter, more-delicate streamers.

Comet 2013 (Siding Spring)

(A larger version of this can be seen here).


Reflection rainbow - Stan Barber

Taken during a Royal visit to Morayvia on Thursday 20th November.


Reflection rainbow Reflection rainbow

If you were at the meeting in September, you will have heard "Haloes and Other Wonders of the Daytime Sky" by Brian Kelly.

Brian has asked Stan for his permission to include his photos in future talks, and has also supplied us with an explanation, particularly the faint rainbow at a different angle from the first, at


More images from club members can be seen at the gallery.


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