Here are some photographs taken at our Sigma Astronomy Fun Day in Dkye on 28th February 2009. Over 100 people joined us on the day to make and launch rockets, make sundials, create the night sky on an umbrella and make pinprick telescopes.

various2_small.jpg various8_small.jpg various9_small.jpg various_small.jpg
various1_small.jpg various10_small.jpg various11_small.jpg various12_small.jpg
various13_small.jpg various6_small.jpg various14_small.jpg various15_small.jpg
playdohplanets_small.jpg playdohplanets1_small.jpg playdohplanets2_small.jpg playdohplanets3_small.jpg
playdohplanets4_small.jpg playdohplanets5_small.jpg playdohplanets6_small.jpg playdohplanets7_small.jpg
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