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Club Meetings - 2005

Meetings are held at Birnie Village Hall near Elgin. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Non-members always welcome and refreshments are provided.

"Going Nova" - Forres Science Festival 10th, 11th and 12th November. return to top

Friday 7th January 2005 - Annual General Meeting Friday 1st July - The Aurora
Friday 4th Feb - Use of Computers in Weather Forecasting Friday 5th August - Observing the Sun
Friday 4th March 2005 - "Near and Far" Friday 2nd September - James Nasmyth
Friday 8th April 2005 - Transit of Venus Friday 7th October - Orbital Mechanics
Friday 6th May 2005 - Astro Navigation Friday 4th November - "The Eclipse Which Created a Megastar"
Friday 3rd June - A Trip to the Southern Skies Friday 2nd December - Quiz Night

Fri 7th Jan 2005 - Annual General Meeting return to top
The first meeting of 2005 sees the AGM and is a chance to recap on 2004 and to see what SIGMA has planned for 2005. Weather permitting, there will be an observing session immediately following the refreshment break.

Fri 4th Feb 2005 - The Use of Computers in Weather Forecastingreturn to top
Dave Rutherford, Senior Met Officer from the Kinloss Met Office, explains how computers are involved and used in providing today's weather forecasts.

Friday 4th March 2005 - Near and Farreturn to top
Guest speaker Pauline Macrae, from our sister club Highlands Astronomical Society, tells us what we currently know about the two planets, Mercury and Pluto.

Friday 8th April 2005 - Transit of Venusreturn to top
Douglas Cooper from The Association of Falkirk Astronomers will be giving us a talk and some other members of the Association will be coming up with him for an astronomy weekend. Douglas will be giving a talk on the Transit of Venus and how it was observed from Egypt, as well as sharing some other images with us.

Friday 6th May - Astro Navigationreturn to top
SIGMA member, Eric Hughes, enlightens us as to how the stars have influenced navigation and how, even in today's technological world, they are still being used to find our way around!

Friday 3rd June - A Trip to the Southern Skiesreturn to top
Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society member Darren Moody recalls his trip to New Zealand in March 2003.

Friday 1st July - The Aurora return to top
SIGMA Secretary Ian Brantingham explains the science behind this phenomena.

Friday 5th August - Observing the Sun - The Old Ways and Newreturn to top
Longstanding SIGMA member, and keen sun observer, Bill Leslie will explain how the changes in technology have influenced sun observing and how we can now see so much more than just sunspots!

Friday 2nd September - James Nasmyth & His Telescopesreturn to top
SIGMA favourite Dave Gavine returns to give us an insight in to this fascinating character, who was well known for his mechanical inventions as well as his astronomical interests.

Friday 7th October - Orbital Mechanicsreturn to top
SIGMA member, John Watson, will be talking about conic sections, Kepler's three laws of planetary motion and the six classical Kepler elements.

Friday 4th November - The Eclipse Which Created a Megastarreturn to top
2005 is the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory that changed the world and honouring this, during The World Year of Physics, SIGMA member Bill Leslie will give a talk on the 1919 eclipse expedition, and explain how it went on to provide proof of the General Theory of Relativity

Friday 2nd December - Quiz Nightreturn to top
It has been decided to have a quiz night for our December meeting. It will be a general knowledge quiz with various rounds for all levels of knowledge!! Of course there will be an astronomy round, just to make sure everyone has been listening over the year!! Partners and guests are more than welcome and there will be mince pies and general festiveness!!

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