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Club Meetings - 2007

Meetings are held at Birnie Village Hall near Elgin. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Non-members are always and refreshments are provided for a small donation.

SIGMA regularly holds public observing sessions at its dark site outside Elgin. Visit our Upcoming Events page to see what we have planned.

5th January 2007 - Coming In From the Cold

6th July 2007 - Observatory DIY
2nd Feb 2007 - The Celestial Alphabet 3rd August 2007 - Equipment Night
2nd March 2007 - How On Earth Can They Tell That Too? 7th September 2007 - Meteorites
6th April 2007 - Noctilucent Clouds 5th October 2007 - Electrogravity
4th May 2007 - Hinode and STEREO 2nd November 2007- Radio Astronomy
1st June 2007 - Annual General Meeting 7th December 2007 - Sigma Quiz

Fri 5th January - Coming In From The Cold return to top
SIGMA member Christopher Jennings takes us on a journey through the Universe, utilising today's virtual reality software, pit stopping along the way for images and information!

Fri 2nd Feb - The Celestial Alphabet return to top
Going Nova's very own Howie Firth will be giving us the story of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, the people responsible for sorting the Solar System, before telescopes.

Friday 2nd March - How On Earth Can They Tell That Too?! return to top
In October last year, SIGMA member Bill Leslie showed us how early astronomers measured the distances, masses and sizes of the planets without the aid of modern technology! Now find out how they also managed to measure the Universe!

Friday 6th April - Noctilucent Clouds return to top
Ken Kennedy from Dundee Astronomical Society is NW Europe's Noctilucent Cloud Co-ordinator and will be enlightening us to this late night phenomena before the new season is upon us.

Friday 4th May - Hinode and STEREO return to top
Dr Lyndsay Fletcher from The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Glasgow University will be talking about the first observations from the Hinode and STEREO solar satellites. Visit Glasgow University's website to learn more about Dr Lyndsay Fletcher

Friday 1st June - Annual General Meeting return to top
A chance to recap up on what SIGMA has been doing in 2006/2007, Committee elections and a look forward to the rest of the year.

Friday 6th July - Observatory DIY return to top
Highlands' Astronomical Society member, Eric Walker will be showing us how he managed to build his own observatory, right in his own back garden.

Friday 3rd August - Equipment Night return to top
Following the success of last year's equipment night, once again you will be able to find out what is available to use to observe your favourite astronomical objects – from binoculars to telescopes and various other bits in between! There will also be a display from Strathspey Binoculars who are a highly respected local binocular retailer and back by popular demand!

Friday 7th September - From The Heavens to Sigma return to top
Jamie and Deidre Shepherd will be bringing along their collection of meteorites for us to amaze over! A rare opportunity to view some cosmic rock!

Friday 5th October - Electrogravity return to top
SIGMA member, Mike Reuss-Newland will be talking about Electrogravity, the latest theory to explain gravity.

Friday 2nd November - Radio Astronomy return to top
Dr Megan Argo, a Jodrell Bank astronomer who has close links to SIGMA, will be giving us the inside story of radio astronomy from the world famous Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Friday 7th December - SIGMA Quiz return to top
Yet another night of fun and mince pies to finish off 2007.