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Club Meetings - 2008

Meetings are held at Birnie Village Hall near Elgin. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Non-members are always and refreshments are provided for a small donation.

SIGMA regularly holds public observing sessions at its dark site outside Elgin. Visit our Upcoming Events page to see what we have planned.

4th Jan 2008 - Hubble Space Telescope

4th July 2008 - Extra Solar Planets
1st Feb 2008 - Hours, Minutes, Degrees & Setting Circles 1st August 2008 - Equipment Night
7th March 2008 - Exploration & Discovery of the Moon 5th September 2008 - Comets - A Strange Tail
4th April 2008 - "Thomas Dick" 3rd October 2008 - An Introduction to Image Processing
2nd May 2008 - Jupiter 7th November 2008 - Video Astronomy
6th June 2008 - Annual General Meeting 5th December 2008 - SIGMA Quiz

Fri 4th January - Hubble Space Telescope Chris Stradling (SIGMA) return to top
Chris will be guiding us through the trials of the Hubble Space Telescope, from drawing board to successful repair, as well as sharing with us, some of the amazing images produced by the world’s best known telescope.

Fri 1st Feb - Hours, Minutes, Degrees & Setting Circles, Pete Sherman (SIGMA) return to top
Pete will explain how the stars move across the sky and how the celestial sphere is divided up. As well as this, he will explain how to set up an equatorial mount to find and track celestial objects.

Friday 7th March - Exploration & Discovery of the Moon, Ken McTaggart return to top
Ken, well known Apollo mission historian, has become a favourite at science festivals throughout the north. In this talk, he will dig into the archives of the Apollo Missions to show us what went on behind the scenes. Click here for links and reading material about the moon provided by Ken MacTaggart.

Friday 4th April - "Thomas Dick", Dave Gavine, Edinburgh return to top
SIGMA favourite Dr Dave Gavine from Astronomical Society of Edinburgh returns to give us another of his amazing talks. Thomas Dick, a well known Scottish church minister and science teacher, advocated that every city should have public parks, public libraries and a public observatory. He greatly influenced John Mills who left the bequest which enabled Dundee to build its Mills Observatory

Friday 2nd May - Jupiter, Pauline MacRae, Higlands Astronimical Society return to top
Pauline MacRae from Highland Astronomical Society gives us another of her wonderful talks, this time focussing on the biggest of our neighbours, Jupiter.

Friday 6th June - Annual General Meeting return to top
A chance to recap up on what SIGMA has been doing in 2007/2008, Committee elections and a look forward to the rest of the year. In the second half there will be a showing of a selection from some of SIGMA's images over the year.

Friday 4th July - Extra Solar Planets, Prof Andrew Collier Cameron, St Andrew's University return to top
Professor Cameron, one of SIGMA’s earliest visitors, comes back to SIGMA to talk about his search for planets around other stars, as well as bringing us up to date on this ever changing field of astronomical research

Friday 1st August - Equipment Night return to top
Following the success of last year's equipment night, once again you will be able to find out what is available to use to observe your favourite astronomical objects – from binoculars to telescopes and various other bits in between! There will also be a display from Strathspey Binoculars who are a highly respected local binocular retailer and back by popular demand!

Friday 5th September - Comets, A Strange Tail, Ian Brantingham (SIGMA) return to top
SIGMA member Ian Brantingham gives us some insight into these celestial wanderers.

Friday 3rd October - An Introduction to Image Processing, Alan Tough (SIGMA) return to top
SIGMA member Alan Tough is well known for his fantastic images and here he takes us through the processes of image processing and explains just how he creates such stunning images.

Friday 7th November - Video Astronomy, Andrew Elliot, Blackpool & District Astronomical Societyreturn to top
Andrew Elliott from Blackpool and District Astronomical Society will show us how he produces videos of asteroids and tiny moons passing in front of stars using his remotely operated telescope, proving to us that you don't have to be outside and freezing cold to view the night sky!

Friday 5th December - SIGMA Quiz, SIGMA members and families! return to top
Yet another night of fun and mince pies to finish off 2008.