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Club Meetings - 2013

Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at Birnie Village Hall near Elgin. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Non-members are always welcome and refreshments are provided (for a small donation).

SIGMA regularly holds public observing sessions at its dark site outside Elgin. Visit our Upcoming Events page to see what we have planned.

11th January Combined Equipment Night/ BBC Two Stargazing LIVE Public Observing Session at Lhanbryde Community Centre, Robertson Road, Lhanbryde, IV30 8QQ ,7pm start.
1st February "A Stargazing Tour of the Southern Hemisphere". Tania Johnston, The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
1st March "A Star Star and a Star Computer". Bill Leslie, SIGMA
5th April "Mercury Through the Eyes of Messenger". Pauline Macrae, Highlands Astronomical Society
3rd May "2020: The Future of Observational Astronomy". Professor Martin Hendry, Glasgow University
7th June Annual General Meeting
5th July Solar Outdoor Astronomical Kitchen Event (SOAKE) - Lhanbryde Community Centre (Public Event)
2nd August "Oddball Stars". Maarten de Vries, Highlands Astronomical Society
6th September "DIY Observatories". Pete Sherman, SIGMA
4th October "Seas and Tickling Gods: How Space Got Its Names". Michael Marrett-Crosby,  ighlands Astronomical Society
1st November "Supercool Astronomy". Professor Ian Robson – The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
6th December SIGMA Christmas Quiz and prize draw

For further details see the pdf file here, or if you prefer you can see it as a Word document.