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John Brown - Astronomer Royal for Scotland

Our 2001's session showcase was in February when we had a visit from Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland. Professor Brown's lecture took place on 4th February 2001 at Moray College, Elgin.

Around fifty SIGMA members along with eighteen of their guests were joined by the Club's special guests for the evening, over twenty members of Highlands Astronomical Society.

We were enlightened by Professor Brown's knowledge of astronomy and entertained by his skill as a magician. The centre of the Professor's magic act was a black hole, cunningly disguised as a top hat.

Following a question and answer session, Professor Brown drew the raffle. As it was his birthday, he was presented with a Caithness Glass vase entitled "Northern Lights" by Christopher Jennings, on behalf of SIGMA.

Prof Brown Prof Brown
Prof John Brown wows Christopher and Cheryl with some of his magic! Prof John Brown with Mrs Brown and the raffle prize winners
Christopher Jennings presents Prof Brown with a Caithness Glass vase for his birthday.