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Here are various galleries of images taken by Sigma members, both past and present, young and old. Albums include: The Night Sky, The Moon, The Solar System, The Sun and various other astronomical events.

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The Night Sky Albums: Various images of constellations, Messier objects and NGCs

The Night Sky The Night Sky I
2001 - 2007
Night Sky 2 The Night Sky Part II
Jan 2008 - Dec 2009
Night Sky 3

The Night Sky III
Jan 2010 -Dec 2010

The Moon : Lunar eclipses, occultations and stunning close up images of the moon's surface

The Moon The Moon
2001 -2008
The Moon

The Moon II
Jan 2008 -Dec 2010

Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse on 3rd March 2007

The Solar System: Some fantastic photographs of our fellow travellers around the sun inc comets

The Solar System The Solar System
2001 - 2007
Solar System Part II The Solar System Part II
2008 - 2010

The Sun : Sunsets and sunrises plus images taken using specialised solar filters and telescopes

The Sun The Sun
2001 - 2010

Various Galleries : Noctilucent Clouds, Man-Mad Objects, Weather

The Aurora Aurora Borealis
Spectacular images of this amazing light display.
Noctilucent Clouds Noctilucent Clouds
Awe inspiring photos of this summer night phenomena.
The Weather The Weather
Lightning, rainbows and cloud formations
Man Made Man-made Objects
Iridium flares and the ISS.

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