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This Month's Night Sky

Members get details on the Night Sky from Bill's Sky Guides as well as a monthly update during normal observing months in the Club's newsletter.

Visit the Handy Angles page to ease your navigation around the night sky.

The Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics maintains a superb monthly guide to the skies, produced by Prof. Ian Morrison with quite a lot of detail.

The Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) also produces a monthly guide, a little lighter (in terms of content) than Jodrell Bank's.

Here is a useful lunar calendar from The University of Texas McDonald Observatory.

You may see times written as UTC.  UTC is Co-ordinated Universal Time - it is not a time-zone but is a time standard. UTC works the same times as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), but does not change for BST (British Summer Time), thus 3.20 PM UTC would be 4.20 PM BST