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The Moon

This image is what the Moon looks like now (click image for larger view), from the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) (a great resource).

What the Moon looks like now

Many tables exist showing rising & setting times - to know where and when it can be seen.

USNO provide daily and yearly tables for the sun and the moon for any location (by longitude & lattitude - Elgin is at 57°35' N & 3°19' W):

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Year - select any year between 1700 & 2100

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day - this gives the rise, transit and setting times of both the Sun & the Moon. It also gives the phase of the Moon, and showing the percentage of the disk that is illuminated.

USNO also host the The Astronomical Almanac Online!. Their home page includes a table titled "Recent and Upcoming Phenomena".